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January 23, 2009


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Shonali Burke, ABC


I'm touched and honored that I was able to help in any way. You hit the nail on the head - the basics of good communication rarely change, it's the bells and whistles that do. And good communicators know how to keep pace with that.

Keep fighting the good fight!

John Sternal

Jon, so happy you included the part about "platforms." There are so many different options for SM today - and growing - that the hardest part of the process is often trying to decide which ones to focus on. It's so critical to truly know your audience so that you know which two or three platforms bring you the best ROI: Return On Interaction. Keep up the great posts.

Julie Bonn Heath

Jon, I just received the info on this post. Thanks for the mention. I just wanted to say that you were already on the right track-and I like the way that you organized the thought process. Thanks for sharing. Julie

janet northen

Am not surprised at all to see Jon Newman as 2.0 shepherd. Or maybe sherpa. Either way, glad I tracked you down after so many years.

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