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January 27, 2009


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Adam Gainer

First and foremost I want to thank you and the team at Hodges. This morning was a wonderful event and really good that we could help out such a great cause.

It was nice meeting in person finally. He was a great speaker and I learned a lot. I think he brought up a lot of fantastic points that a lot of us will take to our respective clients and organizations. His ideas on the "life streaming" ticker seems pretty fascinating. He made an excellent point also about not being active in social media.

It was good to finally meet in person and I'm glad the weather held off. Again, Kudos to you and the team for throwing together an awesome event. I look forward to any you will be holding in the future.

Jennifer Pounders

This was the spark that Richmond, Va's public relations and marketing community needed as we collectively hope for the best in 2009! Thank you for bringing us all together!


Great post, Jon. (the whole blog looks great,btw) I found myself rethinking pitches and how to use press releases in pitches I was working on today. Even if we don't put a release on the wire, I imagine we'll be writing them for a long time to come. The "Press Release Graveyard" isn't going anywhere.

steve leonard

Hey Jon! Really enjoyed Peter! As a person who
hardly knows how to send an email..its going to
be a challenge to get up to speed on this..
but i am going to get peter's book and get in
the groove!
warm regards,
steve leonard

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