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February 03, 2009


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John Sarvay

Having just pushed the send button to invite 400 people to an event, I can now officially curse you for stressing me out even more. Can I just hire your firm to take care of the particulars? Josh and Julia work for chocolate donuts, correct?

Melanie Thompson

You can also try soliciting questions for the press conference from your online viewers or social networks in real time or before the event and then ask them at the event. It's another way to engage them in the press conference and improve your client's relationship with its audience.


Agree with Melanie above. The more you do to engage your audience prior to and after the event, the more success you're likely to have long and short term. Goes back to Jon's original point - what is the goal of the event? Hopefully it's broad goal of enhancing long-term relationships and building the community. (John Sarvey, I work for Fair Trade coffee and April's Vegan Delights. Call me.)

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