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February 13, 2009


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John Sternal

I've actually been thinking about this as well. I think it would be important to offer up some case studies of how SM PR has worked for other clients and/or companies. Naturally, it's always best if you can talk about how you personally have helped another company. If that's just not possible, it would still be very valuable to do some research on other companies. SM is really intimidatingly new for so many companies. But if we can put aside the charts, graphs and jargon for a second, and explain it to them in a way they will be able to see how it was beneficial to another company, I have a feeling we will then see some great results and buy-in.

Jon Newman

John, exactly right. We are using some anecdotal examples and some of the things we are currently working on to reinforce.

Every day we are working in this arena is another day of experiences we have to share with others.

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