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February 22, 2009


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Maybe this is the answer to the need to keep content changing: partnerships with companies that already produce content. You and your clients aren't in the content business, so creating content is an added cost. Why not identify types/categories of content the client wants, identify publications and/or online producers, partner with them, and use the client sites to promote/aggregate/display appropriate content? If you are making intelligent selections, you become a trusted source for news on the selected areas of interest.

Jon Newman

Absolutely, we are already identifying credible third parties and blogs for content to keep it rich and provide added value. Thanks so much fot the comment.

Josh Chandler

I think we see the online information era growing far and beyond the convential one level written articles. To suggest that content is "king" is a rookie way of looking at the bigger piece of the social media pie which is waiting to be claimed by many publishers.

The way bloggers, web publishers and others grow out their community through Social Media (Twitter, Friendfeed, Blog commenting) is far more engaging to a prospective audience in the long run because of that true credibility they can organically grow on a personal level.

I almost think we are seeing a much greater need then you perhaps imply for that approachable persona to be established through social media and I certainly think for the majority of new, upcoming bloggers and marketers it is more important in the next gen of communication online to represent themselves as a normal, interesting person rather then the corporate approach of "broadcasting" out!

Overall Jon, a very enjoyable article! Keep it up :)

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