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February 24, 2009


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Jason Roop

We started our fan page in late Nov/early Dec, and had lots of luck. There are limitations, but I think these will be overcome by the redesign. We've also been amazed at the quick growth of the group through word of mouth.

bob visco

Fan is a superior metaphysical FaceBook metaphor to Group especially for brands -- which is where I see a lot of social marketing opportunity as FB apps become more robust.

Jennifer Yeager

Jon - we just did the same switch with our RichmondJobNet.com Facebook presence- went from Group to Fan page. Know why? We saw how THP experienced the issues we were facing with a Group page and the added apps you were able to include on your Fan page. So, thanks! It's a little scary to ask 300 group members to migrate over to the Fan page. We don't want to lose anyone! But, I think it is worth the effort and so far so good. And thanks for the info and link to the Inside Facebook blog! Those added features will be impactful.

Check out our new fan page:

Mary Fender

We also created our fan page in Dec 2008. I guess due to my personal "getting aquainted with fb" stage, I was not even aware of groups and hopped on fan pages first.
One regret is regarding categories. I sometimes think I should have chosen pro services instead of a store entity. Change is not possible at this time - according to fb. Oh well, live and learn. Nice informative post Jon!

Promotional Products

I am a small business owner and we have been maintaining our fan page of Facebook for over a year now and I agree with you, it is better than trying to keep up a group page. For some reason, we were not getting the same results and interactions as we do now with the fan page. Maybe with the recent obsession with Twitter has people more on the following side of things? Who knows, but they are both exceptional forms of social media. We've also been trying giveaways on our pages using promotional products and it really seems to have boosted our revenue. Sales are up 25% in comparison to this time last year so I can honestly say from experience, these things do help your company gain the exposure it needs to be successful. Thanks for sharing!

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