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March 22, 2009


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John Sternal

Someone has to come up with a way to easily digest all the information that gets blasted out there. Even RSS feeds get difficult to absorb. That would be one heck of a "aha moment."

DeAnna Troupe

Very good post. Expect a cross blog convo from me on this.


Which brings up the question -- am I ever going to get "caught" for "hiding" a friend from my feed? I'm trying to keep from getting overloaded with info, but I just know one day there is going to come a time when a friend says, "Oh, you should have known that, it was all over Facebook, don't you keep up with my posts?" and I have to say, "Well actually, since we aren't that close (or since your posts bore me)I choose to not even see them!" YIKES!

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