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March 08, 2009


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Soo Yeon Hong


I enjoyed your comments about journeys from “old” to “new” media. As you observed, my students have began to see the value of this journey where Twitter, Facebook can be as important as traditional public relations.

Your launch of Virginia's Education Wizard is a wonderful example of this new PR environment we’re in. So pleased you described it in your blog. I passed it on to my students. I know they will be excited to learn that the “real world” is using some of the concepts we discussed in class and implemented in their campaign proposals.


Anjali C. Wadhwa

Mr. Newman,

Thank you very much for coming and sitting through our presentations on a Saturday!

I agree with not abandoning the traditional media and yet learning the new ways to reach your audience. As PR professionals, we need to embrace this change and understand how we can use this medium to achieve our business goals.
I went on vawizard.org and it is a fine example of how each one of us can use social media for PR. It doesn't matter what business we are in, this is something we can't ignore.


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